Doctor Evil’s Maps for Unreal Tournament

This site contains several maps for the original Unreal Tournament of 1999 that the devious Doctor hath created over the past decade.

Unreal Tournament team logos (1999)

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A separate page contains maps created by Doctor Evil for Unreal Tournament 3.

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UT 2004

A separate page contains some offerings for UT 2004:   maps for each of the BR4, CTF4 and VehicleCTF games and a mutator that gives the shock rifle a much greater kick.

Hooked-Up icon

“Hooked Up” was a mecca in St. John’s Newfoundland for playing a variety of entertaining video games, including Unreal Tournament, with up to nine other humans in the same room.
Sadly, the Evil Lair cannot get close to this quality ... and even more sadly, “Hooked Up” went out of business at the end of 2010 October.   Thank you Ross Barney for three years of great cyberservice and best wishes for your future!


Most recent UT 2004 addition (2015 12 04):
– a CTF4 map created in 2005 and converted to standard two-team play in 2015.

Evil Sky City

Most recent UT3 addition (2013 02 26):
Evil Sky City
– modified CTF version of the UT3 map DM-EvilSky,
  adding an Xray generator and a portable slow motion field.

Map Files (Original Unreal Tournament of 1999)

Note:   These maps use some textures and music that were not supplied with the original Unreal Tournament or the official bonus packs.   If such a file is not present on your computer’s disk, then Unreal Tournament will not be able to open that map.   Click here for a list of such files.

Added on 2020 July 12:   Evil Temple 2b – (a colonnaded temple on five levels)
Amended on 2018 August 02:   EvilXmas – update of a map from 2004.   A broken path near the red flag has been fixed.
Amended on 2013 September 01:   Evil Multipaths – (four versions of CTF/CTFM maps, where enemy bases are in all directions; original version added 2007 August 30; CTF-EvilMultiPaths5 replaced by CTF-EvilMultiPaths6, to improve bot paths in the map)
Added on 2011 June 08:   Evil Tardis – (a Tardis within a Tardis within a ...)
Added on 2011 April 09:   Evil Shafts – (seriously twisted Evil geometry with several infinite corridors and shafts)
Added on 2009 June 15:   CTFM-EvilSniperAlleys (be on guard for flag thieves from both ahead and behind)
Added on 2007 July 08:   DM-EvilTardis – (ideas under development)
Added on 2007 April 08:   CTFM-AJ
Added on 2006 December 07:   CTF-TFC-EvilEEE
    (Doctor Evil’s entry in the Nali City TFC contest)
Added on 2005 March 14:   DM-EvilCathedral   [most popular Evil map of 2007, 2008 & 2009!]
Added on 2005 Feb. 20:   CTF-Escher

Explore the strange (yet strangely popular) old Evil Geometry Map Pack.
The pack contains

  •   DM-AdamlyRooms5.unr
  •   DM-Escher.unr
  •   DM-Giger4.unr
  •   Fantasy1.utx   (a texture pack for DM-Escher)
  •   DKNGiger.utx   (a texture pack for DM-Giger4)
  •   Giger2.utx (another texture pack for DM-Giger4)

Some more Classic Evil:
  CTFM-HallOfGiants-II   (MultiCTF version of HallOfGiants-II)
  Evil Tower Map Pack   (CTF, DM and DOM versions)
  Some Experimental Evil Maps   (incomplete concepts)
  CTFM-EvilCylinder   (yet more warped Evil geometry)

Some > 5 year old maps are still available.
In descending order of Doctor Evil’s preference, they are:

An updated circular maze is also available as a separate zip file.

Note:   Maps that start with the prefix "CTFM-" require the MultiCTF mod in order to enable four-team play, with four flag bases (red, blue, green and gold).   A copy of the CTF4 and MultiCTF mods can be obtained here in two formats:

These files used to be available at FilePlanet.

A victim of Doctor Evil is 
    all over the map of DM-EvilMaze ...

Also available is a pair of voice packs of no conceivable interest to anyone outside St. John’s, Newfoundland
(or inside it for that matter).

Doctor Evil’s favourite mutators are the delightful Crotchshot, the camp Bat Thwap and the cruel Bunny Bomber, for none of which the Degenerate Doctor can take any credit whatsoever.

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2020194.
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