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(Vehicle Capture the Flag)

Go to a web page for VCTF-EvilSkyCity
Drive from base to base,
way up high in the sky.


Go to a web page for CTF-Escher2
More tortured geometry,
in a two-team CTF map.

(Test map for the concussion rifle mutator)
Go to a web page for VCTF-ConcussTest3

Concussion Rifle Mutator

Damage is reduced to only 5 units, but the victim is flung 16 times further away than usual.

More details are at this link.

4-Team Game Maps

(maps added 2006 02 16)
(includes CTF4-EvilCylinder)
Go to a web page for CTF4-Escher
Yes, the green and gold flag
bases are on opposite walls!

CTF4 and BR4 maps:   Evil Sky
(maps added 2005 11 20)
Go to a web page for CTF4-EvilSky
You can take the low road or the
very very high road between bases!

Doctor Evil’s Favourite Mods & Mutators for UT2004

Fans of four-team play should note that the following two zip files need to be unzipped and installed with your UT 2004:
CTF4 (4-team capture-the-flag;   218 MB, includes several maps) and
BR4 (4-team bombing run;  17.3 MB)
BR4 does not work without CTF4.

Doctor Evil enjoys BatThwap, CrotchShot and GoldMember, but can claim no credit whatsoever for any of them.
For BatThwap, unzip (a mere 0.03 MB!) to your UT2004/System directory.

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