CTFM-AJ – Map for Unreal Tournament

Download CTFM-AJ.zip (5.23 Mb)

Screenshot of CTFM-AJ

This map was misconceived by the twelve year old apprentice to Doctor Evil.   “AJ” is only the margarine of Evil.   He is the diet version of Evil.   Therefore the deviant Doctor executed AJ’s plan for “Evil Escher Pyramids in Space”, known for short as CTFM-AJ.

Each flagbase is located in Level 3 of its own pyramid.
There is an obvious hole in the middle of each of the three main floors.   The hole in the lowest floor of one pyramid emerges from the hole in the ceiling of another flagbase.   This gives human players a huge advantage over the hapless bots, who can’t figure out this shortest route between flag bases.

Red flag base.
Judge Dredd has just paid the ultimate price
for trying to steal the green flag.
[Red flag base, with a dropped green flag near the bottomless pit]
Blue flag base.
A bot has fallen somewhat too far ...
[Blue flag base and the bottomless pit]

A green bot is making his way towards the gold pyramid
[Main path between green and gold pyramids]

There is a direct route between the front entrances of the red and blue pyramids and there is another such route between the green and gold pyramids.   However, the bots do not often use these obvious routes, despite the various goodies there, (jet fighter, strangelove, redeemer, etc.).

Battle in the labyrinth.
The top of the green pyramid can be seen through the roof.
[Red bot carrying the blue flag meets blue bot carrying the green flag]

Under the centres of these walkways are 'X' shapes of four intersecting corridors, which are linked by warp portals to the front faces of the pyramids.   The path to each team’s pyramid is clearly colour coded.   There is also a pair of narrower straight corridors which lead via warp portals to the back side of each pyramid, allowing access to the flag base from a sniper perch above.   Bots much prefer these two routes between flag bases.

Bots do sometimes get hung up at the entrances on the sides of the pyramids.   Bots that fall onto the top of the central corridors don’t have a clue how to get back into the corridors and will stay put until a human puts them out of their misery.



Unzip the zip file into your "UnrealTournament/" directory.
The following files should then unzip into the correct locations:

A red bot is fleeing with the green flag into the labyrinth.
[Labyrinth entrance on green pyramid]

Bender and Big Bird race into the 
   front entrance of the green pyramid
[Main entrance ramp of the green pyramid]

  • Help/CTFM-AJ.txt - a standard plain text file
  • Maps/CTFM-AJ.unr - the map
  • Music/DarkCity.umx - somewhat frantic but appropriate music
  • System/QJet.u - System file for the Ghandi Jet Fighter
  • System/SLV2.ini - System file for the Strangelove
  • System/SLV2.int - System file for the Strangelove
  • System/SLV2.u - System file for the Strangelove
  • System/SLV2Models.u - System file for the Strangelove
  • System/SLV2RTMS.u - System file for the Strangelove
  • System/SLV2Window.u - System file for the Strangelove
  • System/SLV201.u - System file for the Strangelove
  • Textures/CoreTex - Coret textures for green and gold teams
  • Textures/CoretFXYG - Coret textures for green and gold teams

For play on a server, add the line
in the appropriate place in your "System/UnrealTournament.ini" file.

Note:   Maps that start with the prefix "CTFM-" require the MultiCTF mod in order to enable four-team play, with four flag bases (red, blue, green and gold).   A copy of the CTF4 and MultiCTF mods can be obtained from the Multilabs site, either by following the links at the Multilabs home page, or by going directly to their downloads page.   The relevant files are also available at FilePlanet, at ModSquad and at SOBServers.

Download CTFM-AJ.zip (5.23 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2007098.

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