DM Evil Shafts Map for Unreal Tournament

Download (11.7 MB)

This map suffers from seriously twisted Evil geometry.

A colourful central tower consists of four floors around an infinitely long central shaft.   The only med boxes are on the pillars at the four corners of the shaft.   Armour is in a hidden room behind some wood panelling.

If your aim is good, then you can fall down the shaft indefinitely past all four floors over and over again.   The only way to survive such a fall is to land on the small red platform that juts out into the shaft from one side of the bottom floor.   A redeemer is the prize for a successful leap.

Top floor around the central shaft Rocket fire across the central shaft

Big Bird goes after the damage amp

A dull gold-brick staircase connects all four floors.   At the bottom of the staircase, just off to two sides, is a damage amp in an infinitely long side corridor.

The only flak cannon is at the top of the staircase.

Small exits on the top and bottom floors of the central tower connect to an ammo tower with multiple ramps.

Ammo tower

One small exit from the ammo tower leads into the infinitely long pink ramp.   Two larger exits from this pink ramp, one on each side, lead back into levels 1 and 3 of the central shaft.   Looking up or down the ramp one can see everything and everyone in the ramp repeated three times!

There is reduced gravity here.   Long jumps down this ramp are possible.

Infinitely long ramp

Big Bird patrols the ambush point
 from the ramp to the corridor

A gap in the floor of the ramp provides an ambush point down onto the infinitely long corridor.

The other redeemer is here.

The infinitely long corridor is on two levels.   If you keep running along, then you will find that the upper level leads to the lower level and then back to your starting point.

One exit on the lower level of the infinitely long corridor leads back to the central tower.

Gravity vortex in the infinitely long corridor

Gravity vortex in the colour tower

A twisted exit from the pink ramp (opposite the exit to the ammo tower) leads onto the ground (blue) floor of the colour tower.   Transparent floors and ceilings in the colour tower allow direct views between the four levels (blue, red, green and gold).   Holes in the floors allow direct drops from each floor to the one below.   However, the level exits from each floor also allow access to each of the other three floors.   There is a choice of directions in which to shoot at any target in that tower.

The remaining power-ups are in this tower:   shieldbelt, invisibility and keg of health on levels 4 (gold), 3 (green) and 1 (blue) respectively.   Health vials of varying amounts are on level 2 (red).

Two of the warp portals are not functioning as intended, but have been left as is after comments from the Evil Doctor’s beta tester TJHM.   One portal rotates the view by 90° while the other’s view fails altogether, with a hall-of-mirrors effect.   One portal on the gold (top) floor leads to the top of the gold staircase behind the central shaft.

The only unresolved glitch in game play that Doctor Evil has noticed is that bots often get hung up on the various warp portals.

Good luck trying to keep any sense of direction in this Evil map!


Unzip the file (11.7 MB) to your UnrealTournament/ directory.
The files should then unzip into the correct locations.

The zip file contains

  •   This help file
  •   DM-EvilShafts.unr   (the map)
  •   Scotch.umx   (a custom music file)
  •   cf_mansion.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   CoreTex.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   Crusader.utx   (a custom texture file)

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