Evil Voice Packs for Unreal Tournament

Download EvilVoices.zip, (1.7 Mb)

From the text help file:

Unzip the file
-RevPackage.u in the    UnrealTournament/System/   directory;
-RevPackage.int in the  UnrealTournament/System/   directory;
-Rev.uax in the         UnrealTournament/Sounds/   directory;
-EvilVoice.u in the     UnrealTournament/System/   directory;
-EvilVoice.int in the   UnrealTournament/System/   directory;
-You're already reading this EvilVoices.txt file, 
 so you know where it goes!

Also, in your UnrealTournament/System/UnrealTournament.ini file, 
find the section with all the "ServerPackages= ..." lines, 
and add the lines 

In the game, you will now be able to reconfigure your player 
and your bots to speak with the dulcet tones of the Rev. and/or 
his nemesis, Doctor Evil.

You have been warned ...

Extended description:

These voice packs may mean little to those who aren’t acquainted with the Reverend Jacob Clemens (of Cutting Edge Wrestling in St. John’s, Newfoundland) or with his UT friend/foe, Doctor Evil, of the same unfortunate city.

Nevertheless, not wishing to miss an opportunity to inflict entirely unnecessary pain and misery on as many innocent e-bystanders as possible, here is the entire loathsome list of voices available in these packs.

The Reverend Voice Pack

  Former Sane Version Changed to this Insane Display
Acknowledge (4)
[0]Got it Yessir
[1]Roger I'll be right with ya
[2]On my way Right after I change my pants
[3]I'm on it. Excellent!
FriendlyFire (2)
[0]Hey! Same team! Friendly, friendly fire
[1]I'm on your team, you idiot! When I said "cover my back", I didn't mean with bullet holes!
Names (4)
[0]RedLeader Colour of blood
[1]BlueLeader Ocean power
[2]GreenLeader Achoo ... sorry Green Leader
[3]GoldLeader Colour of Pee
Orders (7)
[0]Defend the base. See the cute little kitten? [Crack] ... that's you if you let anyone in
[1]Hold this position. Don't move and shoot anything that isn't us
[2]Assault the base. Everybody attack the base ... I'll hide here
[3]Cover me. Make like a condom and cover me !!!
[4]Freelance. Go forth and multiply (and bring pictures)
[10]Take their flag. I need two flags flapping behind me
[11]Search and destroy. Seek and ye shall find, or I'll flick your ear
Other (17)
[0]Base is uncovered! Ahhhh ... oh, base is uncovered
[1]Somebody get our flag back! I know somebody's going to get that flag back
[2]I've got the flag. It's flapping behind me
[3]I've got your back. Bunny filled rectal passage
[4]I'm hit! I'm a haemophiliaaaaaac
[5]Man down! I've been shellackened
[6]I'm under heavy attack! Oh mommy!
[7]You got point. On second thought, you go first
[8]I've got our flag. Look, I'm Superman, du dududa!
[9]I'm in position. Soup to soup base, come in soup base
[10]On my way. For Christ's sake, keep yer shorts on b'y
[11]Control point is secure. [straining mightily]........Aaaahhh!
[12]Enemy flag carrier is here. What a great looking flag we've got - oh - where's it going?
[13]I need some backup. Oww!! Hey! None of these guys are on my team!
[14]Take them down! [bugle charge ...] get 'em!
[15]I've got you covered. zip ... thud ...
[16]Objective is destroyed. heeheeheehee boom!
Taunts (16)
[0]Eat that! mmmmm ... brunt!
[1]You like that? Take that, you random arrangement of photons!
[2]Yeah, b....! ... and the snail you rode in on
[4]Burn, baby Hmmmmmmm ......
[5]Lets Rock! I see your schwartz is just as big as mine
[6]Die, b..... Weird $#!%
[7]Loser. Clean up in aisle three
[8]Nailed 'im. BANG!
[9]That was nasty. If I were you and you were me, I'd be more dead
[10]Nice. Quel debacle!
[11]Oh, yeah! Snappez-vous dans le Slim Jim! Ah, oui!
[12]I just slaughtered that guy. Ohhh! Dans la schmoo!
[15]You suck!(none)

The Evil Voice Pack is hardly any better ...

The Doctor Evil(violated ©) Voice Pack

  Former Sane Version Changed to this Insane Display
Acknowledge (4)
[0]Got it Yes, Master!
[1]Roger OK, OK! Quit shoving!
[2]On my way Oh! Do I have to?
[3]I'm on it. Ahh ... very well. I'm on my way.
FriendlyFire (2)
[0]Hey! Same team! I thought we were friends!
[1]I'm on your team, you idiot! Hey! Do I look like a bad guy to you?
Names (4)
[0]RedLeader Red Leader
[1]BlueLeader Blue Leader
[2]GreenLeader Green Meanie
[3]GoldLeader Goldilocks
Orders (7)
[0]Defend the base. Hey you! Defend our base!
[1]Hold this position. Stand right here and don't move!
[2]Assault the base. Tally ho chaps and into the breech!
[3]Cover me. Will you be my friend?
[4]Freelance. Oh, go away and do what you like. I don't care any more.
[10]Take their flag. See that pretty flag over there? Bring it back!
[11]Search and destroy. [Dalek voice:] Perambulate and exterminate.
Other (17)
[0]Base is uncovered! Somebody really should stay behind at the base.
[1]Somebody get our flag back! Some foul fiend has filched our flag!
[2]I've got the flag. Hey guys! Look what I found!
[3]I've got your back. I'm right behind you.
[4]I'm hit! OOWWW! That hurt, that *really* hurt!
[5]Man down! Does anyone know some first aid?
[6]I'm under heavy attack! [Sylvester cat voice:] mother!
[7]You got point. Don't worry ... I'm right behind you ...
[8]I've got our flag. Stand down red alert. I've retrieved our flag.
[9]I'm in position. Never fear, I'm here.
[10]On my way. Stop getting your knickers in a twist. I'm on my way, OK?
[11]Control point is secure. This control point is secure, courtesy of moi.
[12]Enemy flag carrier is here. Stop! Thief!
[13]I need some backup. Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
[14]Take them down! They're all yours ...
[15]I've got you covered. I'll stay here while you bravely run away.
[16]Objective is destroyed. I say, chaps, I do believe we've won!
Taunts (16)
[0]Eat that! [Evil laugh #1]
[1]You like that? Ewwww! Who's going to clean up the mess?
[2]Yeah, b....! Now that was nasty!
[3]Boom! Ooooo ... look at the pretty red explosions!
[4]Burn, baby [Evil laugh #2]
[5]Lets Rock! Now that has got to hurt!
[6]Die, b..... Please do excuse me while I celebrate your demise.
[7]Loser. Indeed!
[8]Nailed 'im. Excellent!
[9]That was nasty. Oh dear ...
[11]Oh, yeah!(none)
[12]I just slaughtered that guy.(none)
[15]You suck!(none)

[Also available, (to the pathetic handful of peculiar people who might be interested), are some preposterous skins for the Male Soldier class, bearing the perturbing portraits of the pitiable perverse perpetrators of these puerile voice packs.   Unzip the only file to your "Textures/ " directory.   The size of the puny zip file is 358 kb and is 880 kb when unzipped.   Blame Damien of St. John’s for this addition to the UT Universe...]

To the right is a pair of putrid personalized bots, loitering in The Very Long Hall of DM-AdamlyRooms5 (part of the Evil Geometry Map Pack).   Both bots are obviously oblivious to the brutal battles raging elsewhere in the perverted geometry of that map.

        A Rev bot on the left and
     an Evil bot on the right.

Download EvilVoices.zip, (1.7 Mb)         Download EvilSkins.zip, (0.3 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2003316.

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