Evil Doors Map Pack for Unreal Tournament

Download the Evil Doors Map Pack, (1.00 Mb)
The messy aftermath of a brutal battle
 in the Red Mirror Room of DM-EvilDoorsSky      

The pack contains

  •   DM-EvilDoorsSky.unr
  •   DOM-EvilDoors.unr
  •   DM-EvilDoors5.unr
  •   EvilDoors.txt (a standard help file)

From the text help file:

Unzip the file
-DM-EvilDoorsSky.unr in the  UnrealTournament/Maps/  directory;
-DOM-EvilDoors.unr in the    UnrealTournament/Maps/  directory;
-DM-EvilDoors5.unr in the    UnrealTournament/Maps/  directory;
- You're already reading this EvilDoors.txt file, 
  so you know where it goes!
-start the game and choose 
 (a) or (c) under the Tournament Team Game or Deathmatch game types
 or (b) under the Domination game type.

Extended description:

(a)   DM-EvilDoorsSky

The "violent room" of DM-EvilDoorsSky
Control point in the Green Observatory
 - also viewing the control point in the sky!

This map began as a testing ground for doors, involving just the four big rooms and their lower level connecting corridors.

EvilDoorsSky allows you to get lost in a colour-coded maze on two levels.   The superweapons (redeemer) are of limited use due to the presence of many doors that protect (sometimes) each room and corridor.   You are never quite sure what nasty surprise lurks behind that next door!

The map has zone information everywhere, (just press F1 in play to see where you and your teammates are).   There is a limited amount of z-axis play in this map, mostly in the four big rooms, where the gravity is low.

This map still needs some work on the skybox, the only elevator and the only horizontal door.   Note that you can actually get into the skybox via the visible transporter.   But beware of the high gravity in the skybox!

(b)   DOM-EvilDoors

This is a domination version of DM-EvilDoorsSky, with control points in four widely separated places (including one in the sky!)

(c)   DM-EvilDoors5

A view of the central death arena
    of DM-EvilDoors5      

DM-EvilDoors5 is another experiment using many doors.   This map is on three levels, built around a central “death pit” that spans all three levels.

The redeemer is in a small room hidden at the back of a totally unlit maze on the top floor.   You need to pick up a flashlight in order to see your surroundings as you enter that maze.

All sounds and textures should be standard.

Download the Evil Doors Map Pack, (1.00 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2003049.

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