Evil Sky City Map for Unreal Tournament 3

Download DM-EvilSky.zip (25.7 Mb) and CTF-EvilSkyCity3.zip (25.2 Mb)

NEW:   The CTF version of the Evil Sky City has been modified slightly, to add an Xray generator and a portable slow field to the existing power-ups in the Evil Temple.   CTF-EvilSkyCity2 has now been replaced by CTF-EvilSkyCity3.

Deathmatch and Capture-the-Flag versions of the Evil Sky City are available here.

view of the central temple and two of the spawn chambers

Way way up high in the sky is a temple of weapons and power-ups, with redeemers on the roof.

Spawning in the Evil Sky City is a matter of a very rude awakening indeed.   A thoroughly puerile sense of humour will help your appreciation of the sights and especially sounds in each spawn chamber.


At the base of the four pairs of ramps are the colour-coded spawn chambers.

In the deathmatch version bots can spawn in any of the four chambers.

In the CTF version red bots spawn in the red and gold chambers only, while the blue team spawns in the blue and green chambers only.

A blue bot is being excreted into the red spawn chamber

In the deathmatch version there is a vehicle at the upper exit and another vehicle on the roof of each of the four towers:
red:   scavanger and raptor
gold:   viper and raptor
blue:   scorpion and fury
green:   manta and raptor.

In the CTF version (and therefore also the Greed version) of the Evil Sky City, the vehicles have been removed from the two flag bases (each of which houses an extra three spawn tubes).
The flag bases are on the roofs of the red and blue towers.

To give an incentive for bots to visit the other two towers, vehicles remain there.

The gold tower continues to host a viper at its upper exit and a raptor on its roof.

The green tower continues to have a manta at its upper exit.   However, its raptor has been replaced by the much more impressive dark walker.

All vehicles begin neutral.   It’s first come first served for all vehicles!

The ramps are so steep half way up that only some vehicles can climb up the slope.   Pedestrians need to use the jump pads.

A dark walker making its way up a ramp to the Evil Temple is quite a sight!   By crouching, even a dark walker can gain entry to the Evil Temple.



Unzip the files DM-EvilSky.zip and CTF-EvilSkyCity3.zip.   In each case, place all three files in

My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps
If the directory doesn’t exist, then you will have to create it manually.

Screenshot of a celebrating bot
“I surrender!” says Doctor Evil ...

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