DM-EvilTardis Map for Unreal Tournament

From an entry at Nali City forums:

Doctor Evil invites comments on a map (for classic UT) under construction, DM-EvilTardis (version 2).   It is available from this link (9.84 Mb).


The geometry of the map is based on the TARDIS of Doctor Who.   The interior of the famous blue police box is far larger than its exterior shell.

This map was assembled from a variety of ideas over the years.   Unfortunately this causes the inclusion of several custom texture packages, none of them applied particularly well.

The various distinct regions are zoned:
The “really big room” has very low gravity, a central tower and several exits:

Screenshot of the Really Big Room

The “corridor of plenty” is coloured deep red, has several twists and turns and is overloaded with weapons, ammo and health.   One dip down was forced by the need to avoid an apparently permanent BSP error, perhaps caused by all that copying and pasting from other Evil maps.   Bots tend to get stuck in this corridor.

Two unnamed semi-circular side corridors, one atop the other, are linked half way along by a visible transporter.   The upper corridor leads via a narrow walkway to the top of the central tower in the “really big room”.

A “skywalk balcony” leads out to a full view of the skybox in all directions.   The sky rotates.   In the sky is a spinning, moving Tardis.

Screenshot of the skybox, with spinning Tardis

One pair of Tardis doors leads out to a small square dominated by a castle.   There is little else of note there - room for further development.

Screenshot in the Castle grounds

Another exit leads to a “fake Tardis”, where the lighting is a sickly green, the air is lethal, draining health at a steady rate, and touching the console rotor is instantly fatal.

Inside the fake Tardis is the real Tardis, which can also be reached from the opposite side of the “really big room”.   One advantage of the fake Tardis is the ability to fire those weapons which can pass through warp portals (such as rockets) at targets in the real Tardis, while the targets cannot fire back.   This is achieved by mapping two different zones (“fake Tardis” and “colosseum”) to the same Tardis portal.

Screenshot inside the fake Tardis

The real Tardis has a “zero room” off to one side, which restores health at a rapid rate up to a maximum of 100.   Even the bots can reach the only item in there, the keg of health on the ceiling, because the zero room is a water zone.

Out the other doors is a “colosseum”, which is largely undeveloped.   The only enhanced shock rifle in the map is hidden on the second tier up, to the right as one leaves the Tardis.

Tardis in the Colosseum

The music ("DarkCity.umx") has nothing at all to do with Doctor Who.
It merely seems appropriately frantic for intense battles.

Contents of the zip file: (9.84 Mb)




Unzip the file to your "UnrealTournament/" directory.
The files should then appear in the correct locations.
You may also need to have MultiCTF installed, though Doctor Evil hasn’t a clue why.

The textures and lighting definitely need much more work than the depraved Doctor has time for.

Doctor Evil welcomes any other suggestions for the further development of this map.

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2007189.

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