CTF-Escher Map for Unreal Tournament

Download the CTF-Escher Zip File, (2.76 Mb)

This is a Capture the Flag version of the deathmatch map DM-Escher in the Evil Geometry Map Pack.   There is some seriously twisted Evil geometry in this map too.   Again, this map is, in part, a tribute to the artistic genius of Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972).   Several of his better known prints adorn the walls in this map.   Some planetary photos (lifted from various NASA web sites) are also present.

Starting in the red base,

“Hey guys, which one is the real flag?”
Four flagbearers are confronted with four red flags
  in the red flag base
“They all are!”     And it’s not done with mirrors!

This effect is the result of an Evil use of warp portals.   Just outside the red base is a large cube.
One can walk on the floor, the two side walls and the ceiling, but the floor and the ceiling are one and the same!

A bot's eye view of the big cube 
 just outside the red flag base

The ChaosUT turrets that are firing from the floor and the ceiling are the same one turret.
The same is true for the two entrances to the red base.
The tiny bot that one can just see, upsidedown in the left corner of the opposite wall above, is the same bot as the one through whose eyes this screenshot was captured.   You can see where you are on the opposite side of the cube whenever you fire a weapon such as a rocket or a redeemer.   When you are carrying a flag, you can see its glow around your other image.

From the floor/ceiling of the cube there is one approach to the back of the blue base, passing across an infinitely long corridor.   From the side wall(s) is a longer path that reaches the blue base from the opposite direction, via a large non-warped cube.   The bots prefer the shorter route.

The front entrance of the blue flag base

By contrast to the red base, the blue flag base is very compact.   At the front is an elevator up to the flag level, in the centre of the block.   To the left is a hole in the floor, which drops into the corridor on your left.   To the right is another corridor which ends in a hole in the ceiling, directly above the blue flag base.

By the back corners of the blue flag base are two corridors that both lead into the infinitely long corridor.   In the redeemer chamber, as in the red flag base, you can meet yourself multiple times.   If you are so inclined, you can even shoot yourself with any ammo that will pass through a warp portal.

Doctor Evil has been informed by a test player that this map is very confusing and disturbing.   That is motive enough to inflict this enervating example of gruesome geometry on the world at large ...

Doctor Evil under fire

The zip file contains

Below is an extract from the plain text help file:

Unzip the file into your UnrealTournament/ directory. 
The files should then unzip into the correct locations:
- CTF-Escher.unr     in the  UnrealTournament/Maps/      directory;
- Fantasy1.utx       in the  UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- Scotch.umx         in the  UnrealTournament/Music/     directory;
- this CTF-Escher.txt file in the  UnrealTournament/Help/ directory; 
- start the game and choose the level under the Capture the Flag
  Game type.
Download the CTF-Escher Zip File, (2.76 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2005052.

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