Evil Geometry Map Pack for Unreal Tournament

Download the Evil Geometry Map Pack   (5.11 Mb)
There are really only two bots in this room!
There are only two bots in this room!

The pack contains

From the text help file:

Unzip the file
- DM-AdamlyRooms5.unr in the  UnrealTournament/Maps/  directory;
- DM-Escher.unr in the        UnrealTournament/Maps/  directory;
- DM-Giger4.unr in the        UnrealTournament/Maps/  directory;
- Fantasy1.utx  in the        UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- DKNGiger.utx  in the        UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- Giger2.utx  in the          UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
*** NOTE:  If you do not have the texture files 
   "Castle.utx", "CoreTex.utx" and "CrokxFX.utx", 
then you will have to download them from another site before 
playing DM-AdamlyRooms5.   There is not enough space on the evilut 
web site to store these texture files.
-You're already reading this EvilGeom.txt file, 
 so you know where it goes!
-start the game and choose the level under the Tournament Team Game or Deathmatch game types.

Extended description:
(a)   DM-AdamlyRooms5
The Very Long Hall
The Room of Confusion

DM-AdamlyRooms5 is based on DM-2OddRooms, the second-oldest Evil map.   One room is a long hall - very long indeed.   The two ends are mapped to each other, to generate an infinitely long hall (although UT will only allow you to gaze through three consecutive warp portals at once - the fourth is totally black).

A visible teleporter on one of the two balconies leads to the other room - a large cube.   One can walk on the floor, two of the four walls and even the ceiling.   This has been achieved using warp portals on four separate cubes.   Unfortunately, the bots’ AI seems to be blind to anything beyond a warp portal.

A “Room of Confusion” has been added to the other balcony in The Very Long Hall.   Full credit goes to Adam Bragg for this extra twist to the evil geometry of DM-2OddRooms.

The following weapons will not pass through a warp portal (including from any one of the sides of the cube to any of the other three sides):
enforcer bullets, sniper rifle bullets, shock rifle main fire (but alt-fire will pass through) and the blast wave from a redeemer or a relic of vengeance (although the redeemer missile itself flies through fairly well).   In the long hall it can be disconcerting to see your own redeemer missile flying by you a few times!

This level uses three texture packages that are in common use, but are not part of the official UT set or bonus packs:
"Castle.utx", "CoreTex.utx" and "CrokxFX.utx".
If you lack one or more of these custom texture files, then you can download them from these links:
Download Castle.zip     Download CoreTex.zip     Download CrokxFX.zip
Note that "CrokxFX.utx" is also included in the zip file for "DM-EvilSkyPad".
All other sounds and textures should be standard.

(b)   DM-Escher

This map is, in part, a tribute to the artistic genius of Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972).   Several of his better known prints adorn the walls in this map.   Some planetary photos (lifted from various NASA web sites) are also present.

DM-Escher is cursed with some seriously twisted Evil geometry.   By the use of several warp portals, you can find that, while running down a corridor, you are suddenly falling out of a hole in the ceiling or popping up from a hole in the floor.

There is also a large cube, just like the one in certain other Evil maps (DM-2OddRooms, DM-AdamlyRooms[1 to 5]), where you can walk on the floor, two of the four walls and the ceiling.

More disturbing is the “Really Big Cube” (that’s what it’s called in the location information!).   Same idea, except that the “ceiling” is actually the floor.   The two walls are also the same as each other.   You can therefore see almost everything in the room duplicated.   To hit a target, you can aim any weapon that can fire through a warp portal (almost everything except enforcer and shock rifle main fire) at either image - and you’ll see your fire going towards both images!

The one part of DM-Escher that makes even Doctor Evil feel queasy are the “Room of Reflection”, where you can meet yourself, and the even worse “Room of Reflections”, whose four entrances are all the same entrance.   You can see three other versions of yourself in that room, two side-on and one face-on.   That allows you three different paths to shoot yourself, if you are so inclined ...
[See the screenshot at the top ... eight bots are visible, but only two bots are really there!]

This map uses a rather large custom texture package ("Fantasy1.utx").   All other sounds and textures should be standard.   This is a very low gravity map.

Some Odd Exits from the central maze
The Large Cube

(c)   DM-Giger4
The Central Octagon
The Red Room

This map is a tribute to the artistic vision of H.R. Giger.   Its lay-out is simple.   It is built around a large low-gravity central chamber with two transparent panels, behind which one can shelter from weapons fire (especially redeemer blasts).   There are several exits to a surrounding path that includes a corridor containing a healthpack, a corridor containing a shieldbelt and two small rooms, one containing a rocket launcher and the other a flak cannon.   Giger art work adorns many walls.

This map uses two custom texture packages ("DKNGiger.utx" by Alessandro Yoshi “Darknight” Polliotti, and Doctor Evil’s "Giger2.utx").   All other sounds and textures should be standard.

Download the Evil Geometry Map Pack   (5.11 Mb)

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