DM-EvilSkyPad Map for Unreal Tournament

Download the DM-EvilSkyPad Map, (2.66 Mb)
The platforms of DM-EvilSkyPad 
 stretch out across space, over a lava pit      

The pack contains

  •   DM-EvilSkyPad.unr   (the map)
  •   arizona3.umx   (the music file)
  •   CrokxFX.utx   (a texture file)
  •   DM-EvilSkyPad.txt (a standard help file)

From the text help file:

- DM-EvilSkyPad.unr  in the  UnrealTournament/Maps/     directory;
- arizona3.umx  in the       UnrealTournament/Music/    directory;
- CrokxFX.utx  in the        UnrealTournament/Textures/ directory;
- You're already reading this DM-EvilSkyPad.txt file, 
  so you know where it goes!
- start the game and choose the level under the Tournament Team Game
  or Deathmatch game types.
*** NOTE:   if you do not have the texture file "Des-space.utx" in 
    your UnrealTournament/Textures/ directory, then obtain it from 
    the file "" on the evilut web site.

Extended description:
The platforms of DM-EvilSkyPad
The platforms of DM-EvilSkyPad
The platforms of DM-EvilSkyPad

DM-EvilSkyPad contains considerable z-axis action on an array of octagonal platforms on multiple levels in low gravity.

The highest platforms, near the upper redeemer, are completely open, without even any walls.   If you fall off (or are pushed off by weapons fire), aim for the blue pool just above the lethal lava lake.   The red sphere is a teleport back to one of the enclosed platforms.

The flak cannon and both redeemers are on the ends of long, narrow gangplanks, open to enemy fire.   It is only too easy to be pushed off into the void by stray weapons fire!

There is limited location information, accessible by pressing the "F1" key.

The skybox is in clear need of improvement.   Despite the somewhat crude construction, this map seems to work quite well.

Two non-standard texture packs are present in this map.   “CrokxFX.utx” is included in the zip file, but “Des-space.utx” (needed only for the image of the planet Mars in the sky) is not.   It can be obtained from other locations on the evilut web site, including the Evil Mazes zip file (1.29 Mb).

The music file “arizona3.umx” is also non-standard and is included in the zip file.

Download the DM-EvilSkyPad Map, (2.66 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2003049.

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