CTFM Evil Sniper Alleys Map for Unreal Tournament

Download CTFM-EvilSniperAlleys.zip (12.5 Mb)

This four-team Multi-CTF map is inspired by the long-time fan favourite CTF-Hydro16.   However, the sniper box in Doctor Evil’s creation has two sniping positions in every base, one in front looking out over the central death pit

View from the blue sniper box

and the other at the back guarding the flag.
Gold Bender despatches flag thief Vile Vanessa, 
 from the back of the gold sniper box Heavy action at the gold flag base, 
 behind the gold sniper box

There is also an upper level of play, along the walkways that extend over the central lava pit.   Major power-ups are on these walkways and a redeemer is atop each sniper box.   However, even Doctor Evil cannot help but think that Big Bird wielding a redeemer is just so wrong ...

Big Bird on an upper walkway over the central death pit

overview of the entire map layout

At the back of each base on the upper level is another access to the backs of all three other bases.   The distances between flags is about the same by either front or back routes, thanks to the degenerate Doctor’s abuse of warp portals and his love of twisted Evil geometry.

There can be no confusion as to which base you are in, thanks to very strong colour coding.   The map is zoned completely, so that, with the “omniscience” option of MultiCTF activated, one knows where a flag in transit is. With accurate snipers in action, it can be difficult to escape from an enemy base with that enemy’s flag.

In test play, Doctor Evil is pleased to see that the bots will use the back passage about one time in three - and sometimes they will go for a double flag capture.
Vile Vanessa carries the blue flag in the back passages A blue bot carries the red and green flags into the gold base
The only unresolved glitch in game play that Doctor Evil has noticed but has been unable to resolve is that bots occasionally get hung up on one side of the flag mound.


Unzip the file CTFM-EvilSniperAlleys.zip (12.5 Mb) to your UnrealTournament/ directory.
The files should then unzip into the correct locations.

The zip file contains

  •   CTFM-EvilSniperAlleys.unr   (the MultiCaptureTheFlag map)
  •   Scotch.umx   (a custom music file)
  •   rtSounds.uax   (a custom sound file)
  •   CoreTex.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   Crusader.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   Crypt2.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   DKNGiger.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   FRZ_Iceotope.utx   (a custom texture file)

Note:   Maps that start with the prefix "CTFM-" require the MultiCTF mod in order to enable four-team play, with four flag bases (red, blue, green and gold).   A copy of the CTF4 and MultiCTF mods is available here in two formats:
MultiCTF umod file   (1.63 Mb), or
MultiCTF zip file   (1.61 Mb).

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2009166.
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