DM-EvilHex Map for Unreal Tournament

Download, (0.53 Mb)
A view from the sniper platform on level 5
 as a hapless bot explodes on level 3

The pack contains

From the text help file:

Unzip the file
-DM-EvilHex.unr in the  UnrealTournament/Maps/   directory;
-Golgoth.umx in the     UnrealTournament/Music/  directory;
-You're already reading this DM-EvilHex.txt file, 
 so you know where it goes!
-start the game and choose the level under the Tournament Team 
 Game or Deathmatch game types.

Extended description:
A view from the top down all six levels 
 of the central well of DM-EvilHex      

EvilHex is a small map that is intended to provide considerable z-axis action.

Most of the powerful weapons are down on the lower levels, while most of the health and ammo are on the upper levels.   Even though there are very few path nodes, the bots do a remarkably good job (even at an Average or Experienced setting) of picking me off when I’m trying to return upstairs to resupply with more ammunition and/or health.

There is a fairly large central well between the split-levels.   A fall from Level 5 to the ground floor is fatal unless one is wearing jump boots.

The map is fully zoned (labelled as Levels 0 to 5, with a separate zone for the poorly lit lower-ceiling-section of level 0 and a small separate zone for the sniper platform way up on level 5).   In a team game "F1" will reveal the locations of all teammates.

This level is a first attempt at using Unreal Editor to create a playable map.   Two weeks before completing version 1.1 of this map, I had no idea how to use Unreal Editor.   I found several tutorials on the web (especially at PlanetUnreal) that I found to be essential as I fumbled my way into creating EvilHex.

The small gaps on the sides of the ramps were originally unintentional, but I have retained them as they actually serve a useful purpose!

I chose the splendid track from AS-Golgotha (thank you Grzegorz Kubicki) as the music track for this first creation.

Version 1.2 was rendered necessary because UT insisted that various exotic texture packages (that I had used then replaced on various surfaces in version 1.1) be present.   Version 1.3 is almost identical to version 1.1, except that only the standard “Egypt” and “ShaneChurch” texture packs have been used and the ramps are somewhat better aligned.   All other sounds and textures should be standard.

Download, (0.53 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2003049.

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