CTFM-EvilXmas Map for Unreal Tournament

Download the CTFM-EvilXmas Zip File, (3.97 Mb)
The cathedral, which contains 
    the gold flag base.

A view from above, showing 
the locations of the flag bases

The zip file contains

  •   CTFM-EvilXmas.txt   (a standard help file)
  •   CTFM-EvilXmasV2.unr   (the MultiCaptureTheFlag map)
  •   UTF winter.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   UTF.utx   (a copy of "UTF winter.utx")
  •   TAcars.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   TAconeytex.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   Scotch.umx   (a custom music file)

Below is an extract from the plain text help file:

Unzip the file into your UnrealTournament/ directory. 
The files should then unzip into the correct locations:
- CTFM-EvilXmasV2.unr in the  UnrealTournament/Maps/      directory;
- UTF winter.utx      in the  UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- UTF.utx             in the  UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- TAcars.utx          in the  UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- TAconeytex.utx      in the  UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- Scotch.umx          in the  UnrealTournament/Music/     directory;
- this CTFM-EvilXmas.txt file in the  UnrealTournament/Help/ directory; 
- start the game and choose the level under the Multi Capture the Flag
  Game type.
*** NOTE:   if you do not have the various files for Multi Capture the
  Flag play, then you will need to download them from another site, 
  such as "www.planetunreal.com/multictf/" or "www.fileplanet.com".

  In Internet play, the space in the filename "UTF winter.utx" is a 
  problem.   The file "UTF.utx" is an exact copy of the texture file. 

Extended description:

Map Overview

Another overview of the map

CTFM-EvilXmas is Doctor Evil’s conversion of Denis "UT-Freak" Reimer’s deathmatch creation to a MultiCTF map.

The original deathmatch map, which Doctor Evil found on a UT server late one evening in 2004 November, involves many firefights in a cathedral and the surrounding streets, including a nearby Christmas tree.   The cathedral was the only building that one could enter.   The other buildings were all solid blocks.   The Degenerate Doctor especially likes the music that "UT Freak" chose for this map, "Scotch.umx".

In CTFM-EvilXmas, rooms have been carved out of many of the surrounding buildings and out of the bell tower of the cathedral.   The locations of the four flag bases are clearly indicated by team icons on the buildings and by smaller team icons at each principal entrance to the base.

Gold Base

Inside the cathedral / gold base

The cathedral is now the gold flag base, with the flag at the altar.   The only redeemer in the map is on the cathedral roof, at the far end from the belltower.   One needs to break the rectangular window on the top floor of the belltower and use the jump boots to reach the very narrow ledge on the roof.   The altar alcove, where the gold flag is located, is a health zone, regenerating two units of health every second, up to a maximum of 100.   However, the central location of the cathedral makes the gold base a very unhealthy place to be!   A sniper post in the bell tower overlooks the nave on one side and the approach to the main door on the other side.   Despite the firepower available to gold team bots upon spawning, the gold team is usually at the greatest disadvantage in the game.

Green Base

View of the green base

To one side of the cathedral is the green flag base, in a small stone tower.   The main route in, which the bots prefer to use, is a cramped stairwell, winding its way up the tower to the flag on the top floor.   An alternate route tunnels through a Tudor building, up a lift to rooftop level and in through a hole on the roof.   The tight quarters give quite an advantage to the green team defenders.   The safest exit with the green flag is to break a window and jump out onto the nearby Christmas tree and from there onto the ground.

Red and Blue Bases

View of the blue and red bases

On the other side of the cathedral is a four story building, the Blue Palace.   The blue flag can be found on level 4.   There are alternate entrances from the adjoining Tudor house on levels 1 and 2.   Red team bots seem to find the blue flag very quickly, but were less adept at getting that flag back to their home base until, in 2018, the demented Doctor fixed a broken path near the red flag.

Beyond the Blue Palace is the Chapel of Flak, home of the red base.   A large red team icon on one wall indicates the location of a simple platform lift up towards the red flag, which is at the top of the chapel tower.

The map contains extensive zone information.   With the “omniscience” options of MultiCTF turned on, one can quickly tell where any flag in transit is.

Many a time Doctor Evil has not even bothered to try to win the match, as he is distracted by the therapeutic practice of shooting out many of the windows.   The sound of breaking glass seems especially fulfilling in the belltower and nave of the cathedral.   Another sacrilegious pleasure is to see the hymn books go flying off the pews when they are shot.

Do have an Evil Christmas ...

Download the CTFM-EvilXmas Zip File, (3.97 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2004342, revised 2018214.

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