Draft Experimental Maps for Unreal Tournament

On this page are works in progress.   Use them at your peril !

Download the zip file, (7.50 Mb)     –     New:   Download DOM-EvilMotionV2, (0.22 Mb)


DOM-EvilMotionV2 is a domination version of CTF-EvilMotionV2, (described below) and is separate from the older zip file.


CTFM-EvilLiftsV2 is an attempt to make moving flagbases.

In a humans-only game the concept seems to work, but the bots have no idea where the flag bases are!   When a team icon on the ground near the central tower is touched, the corresponding flag base (and everything in it: flag, med boxes, shock cores and, up on the roof, some ammo), travels from its starting position to a point beside that icon.   Dr. Evil cannot get any paths or pathnodes to travel with the moving flagbases.   The amusing result is that bots will leap onto where the flagbase’s starting position is, even if that flagbase isn’t there any more!

The map is somewhat unbalanced.   The four team towers are equally spaced around the central sniping tower, but the flagbase positions differ.
The red base travels between upper red and upper blue towers.
The green base travels between upper green and lower central tower, rotating crazily three full revolutions en route.
The blue and gold bases each travel between their lower tower and the central tower.
In addition, there is a ground level pathway from red and green towers to the central tower.
Version 2 adds a skywalk between the tops of the blue and gold towers.
One can translocate directly from any team tower to the central tower, but one’s aim needs to be good.
A redeemer is atop each team tower and at the peak of the skywalk.
The major power-ups are all inside or above the central tower.
In Dr. Evil’s experience, the gold team is at the greatest disadvantage, though the skywalk can mitigate it.   The red team seems to have the easiest time against all-bot teams.

[Screenshot:  the green flag base is 
   docked at the central tower]


CTF-EvilMotionV2 (or, to give it its full in-game name, “Evil Motion Sickness”), is an experiment with moving textures.   Almost all textures move (according to the zone’s U-pan and/or V-pan rate, as set in the ZoneInfo/ZoneLight property).   A matching zone velocity is also set in some places.   The intent in such places is that, if you don’t try to move, then you will be swept along at the same velocity as the walls.   A speed of 70 units, resolved into the appropriate direction for each of the twelve parts separately of each of the two large curved pentagonal corridors, achieves this in Version 2.

[Screenshot:  central power tower and blue base]

However, by running in contact with the walls in the two curved corridors, it is possible to be catapulted safely at great speed in the opposite direction.   Dr. Evil has no idea why this happens, but it is a nice added feature!

The pan speeds are set to five times normal speed in the central tower, which is also a healing tower (+2 units of health per second up to 100) except in the lava pit (where incineration occurs in all too few seconds).   Even Dr. Evil finds the overall effect of so many walls in motion to be quite disconcerting.   That is why a few Nali, who are obviously not feeling well (to judge from both sight and sound), have been placed around the map ...

The bots are immune to the visual distractions, but they struggle to use the elevators up to the flagbases.   Dr. Evil still has some work to do on this sick map.   But, with an Evil Empire to supervise, there are never enough hours in a day ...


CTFM-EvilTempleV2 is a fairly ordinary four-team Multi-CaptureTheFlag map.   It is set inside a massive rotating sky temple, far above the desert.

The red and blue bases are at opposite ends inside the temple, nearly symmetric with respect to each other.   The left window near the flag in each base can be broken to provide an alternate escape route to the outside.   However, the exploding wall is not yet working as it should, so that it sometimes takes a combination of weapons fire and physically crashing your bot into the window to break it.   The other windows, including the large windows looking out onto the central octagon, are unbreakable.

The green base is in cramped quarters underneath the main temple.   The gold base is at the centre of the vast roof, with paths to the red and blue bases clearly indicated by colour coding on the roof.   There is a teleporter down by the green base, whose destination is in an obvious shelter on the golden roof, whose destination in turn is above the redeemer at the very centre of the temple.   The central chamber has four teleporters, one leading to each base.     It also has four corridors leading to the red and blue bases. The two upper corridors contain over-sized power-ups.

The lighting in the corridors gives obvious clues as to a possible path to a flag base of that colour.

This map makes excessive use of the sometimes garish / sometimes beautiful "Crusader" texture pack.

Unlike the other two maps on this page, the bots do seem to be able to find their way to all four flag bases in this temple.

[View from blue ante-chamber 
   into central octagon]
[View of central octagon]

The larger zip file contains

The smaller zip file contains

Unzip and
  place file(s) ending in     in the directory  

Note:   If you do not have the system files for MultiCTF, then you will have to download them from another site (such as MultiLab) before playing the CTFM maps.

Download the zip file, (7.50 Mb)     –     New:   Download DOM-EvilMotionV2, (0.22 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2003333.

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