Evil Mazes Map Pack for Unreal Tournament

Download the Evil Mazes Map Pack
Firefight in the Grand Corridor
     of DM-CircleMaze2      

The pack contains

  •   DM-CircleMaze2.unr
  •   DM-EvilMaze6.unr
  •   HoldTheFort.umx
  •   Des-space.utx
  •   EvilMazes.txt (a standard help file)

From the text help file:

Unzip the file
- DM-CircleMaze2.unr  in the  UnrealTournament/Maps/     directory;
- DM-EvilMaze6.unr  in the    UnrealTournament/Maps/     directory;
- HoldTheFort.umx  in the     UnrealTournament/Music/    directory;
- Des-space.utx  in the       UnrealTournament/Textures/ directory;
- You're already reading this EvilMazes.txt file, 
  so you know where it goes!
- start the game and choose the level under the Tournament Team Game
  or Deathmatch game types.

Extended description:

(a)   DM-CircleMaze2

A view of the maze from above

This is an early Evil map - and it shows in the poorly aligned ramps connecting the two levels.   Nevertheless, the action can be quite frantic, especially with the bunny bomber mutator in play.

Various narrow circular corridors branch off from a broad circular corridor on two levels.   The redeemer is hard to use well in the circular tunnels, but the flak cannon (or bunny bomber) can be highly effective there.

The flak cannons are in the very centre of the map, both on the main level and upstairs.   The only redeemer is near the lower flak cannon.

(b)   DM-EvilMaze6

A view of the maze from outside
At the exit from the roof access tunnel

The upper levels are replaced in this map by access to the great outdoors.   You do have access to the tunnel roofs.   But beware of that first step ... it’s a long way down ...

The flak cannons are on the ends of long, narrow gangplanks at each end of the map, out in the open air and open to enemy fire.   It is only too easy to be pushed off into the void by stray weapons fire!   One redeemer is hidden in a tunnel while the other is atop the golden roof, where bots rarely venture.

The gravity is low everywhere - unless you fall off while outside, in which case the gravity becomes fatal.

These levels use a texture package that is not part of the official UT set or bonus packs for a single image (that of the planet Mars in the skybox of both maps):
The non-standard music file "HoldTheFort.umx" is also needed.
All other sounds and textures should be standard.

Download the Evil Mazes Map Pack

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2003049.

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