DM Evil Tardis Map for Unreal Tournament

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The Doctor’s Tardis is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.
Doctor Evil’s Tardis is even worse!
This map suffers from seriously twisted Evil geometry.

view of the Tardis in the console room of the Tardis

As happened briefly to Doctors 4 and 11, the Evil Doctor’s Tardis has materialized inside itself.   It stands in the console room.
Leave the Tardis through its only exit doors and you find yourself back in the console room.

An overview of the Evil Tardis:

Overview of the interior of the Evil Tardis

There are eleven reception rooms in the Tardis, one for each Doctor.   Each room contains one spawn point, a portrait of the appropriate Doctor and a med box.   They are labelled in the overview map above by numbers 1 to 11.

Room #1 of the Tardis   Room #2 of the Tardis
The William Hartnell Room (#1)   The Patrick Troughton Room (#2)

Room #3 of the Tardis   Room #4 of the Tardis
The Jon Pertwee Room (#3)   The Tom Baker Room (#4)

Note the cryopod in one corner of Room #3 that opens or closes whenever the room door opens.

The rooms for Doctors 4 to 10 each contain the same number of walls as the number of that doctor.

Room #5 of the Tardis   Room #6 of the Tardis
The Peter Davison Room (#5)   The Colin Baker Room (#6)

Doctor #6 (played by Colin Baker) was infamous for his extremely repulsive fashion taste.
In tribute, it is literally painful for a bot to be in Room #6!
One unit of health is drained for every second that a bot stays in that room.

Room #7 of the Tardis   Room #8 of the Tardis
The Sylvester McCoy Room (#7)   The Paul McGann Room (#8)

Room #9 of the Tardis   Room #10 of the Tardis
The Christopher Eccleston Room (#9)   The David Tennant Room (#10)

A second exit from Room #7 leads to the only chamber that contains a rocket launcher.
The other twisting corridors from the rocket chamber lead to the endless corridors in one direction and to another chamber under the perpetual pink ramp in the other direction.

Room #8 has two additional exits.
One (marked 'C1') leads to the Temple above the Lost City.
The other exit from Room #8, up a ramp, leads (marked 'A') leads to a corridor near room #10.

Room #10 has four exits.   One (marked 'D') leads to the swimming pool.
Another leads to a twisting tunnel (containing over-sized armour) to Room #9.
A third exit up a ramp leads to a corridor that goes past the back entrance ('A') into Room #8
and leads to the only place where the Ripper spawns (marked 'R').
The fourth exit is a narrow tunnel that ends in a hole in the ceiling of the perpetual pink ramp.

Overview of the interior of the Evil Tardis

Room #11 of the Tardis
The Matt Smith Room (#11)
  Room #11 is shaped like a bowtie, because “bowties are cool!”
One exit leads to the perpetual pink ramp.
Halfway along that exit is a tunnel to a hole in the
ceiling of the console room, directly above the Tardis.
Another exit leads eventually to the Temple ('C1').
The third exit opens onto the swimming pool, whose other exits
are to room #10 ('D') and to between rooms #2 and #3 ('B')
Health is restored at one unit per second up to a maximum
of 100 while a bot is immersed in the swimming pool.

Just off the Tardis console room, near the Tardis, is the well-signposted entrance to the Zero Room (seen briefly in the fifth Doctor episode “Castrovalva”).   While in this weightless room, a bot will be healed rapidly (at five units per second) to a maximum of 100 health.   There is a keg of health on the ceiling and a huge shieldbelt on a wall of the Zero Room.

Right under the console in the Console Room is one of the places where a shock rifle can be collected, together with ammunition for various weapons.   The rotor atop the console moves up and down whenever any object (bot or weapons fire) is near it.   Three exits are to the endless corridors, to the zero room and to the perpetual pink ramp.   Entry into the blue police box takes you right back into the console room again.   Going out the Tardis doors from the console room also takes you right back into the console room, in an endless recursion.

There is no escape from this Evil Tardis!

  Entrance to the Zero Room

Adric on a corridor wall inside the Tardis  

Most of the various rooms are connected by endless corridors.
The trademark roundels are on the walls of the rectangular corridors.

If you are near rooms 4 or 5, then you can take time out for target practice!

Some corridors have hexagonal cross sections
(not unlike season 32 / new season 6,
“The Doctor’s Wife”).

Some doors toll the cloister bell upon opening or closing.
Other doors just scream in protest!

  Hexagonal corridor near Room #9

Two small exits off one of the endless corridors lead up to a “SpyBox”, a cage atop the corridor.   The only flak cannon is there.   Through the walls one can see some other parts of the Tardis interior that should not normally be visible from there.

Off a corridor, opposite one exit from the console room, is an entrance (marked 'C2') to the Lost City.
Yes, the interior of the Tardis is so vast that it contains an entire city!

Lost City inside the Tardis

The corridor splits near the console room / lost city exits.   On that level is a corridor to Room #9.   Upstairs is the only spawn point for the ripper and a path to rooms #8 and #10.

In the Lost City the skywalks whisk you from one end of the Lost City to the other.

In the Temple (also accessible from rooms #8 and #11) is the only sniper rifle.
The Temple above the Lost City

There is also a visible teleporter (the blue swirly thing, to use the technical jargon) which leads to the roof of one of the skyscrapers below.   In that dangerous location are the only minigun and biogun with their ammunition.

Be careful where you step above the Lost City.   Any fall to the unlit depths of the City is fatal.

Between the Tardis console room and a corridor to Room #11 is the perpetual pink ramp.   It slopes downward (or upward) forever.   The gravity is very low there – one good jump from the right spot brings you almost to the ceiling.   There is a path in the floor that leads to the rocket room and a path in the ceiling that leads to Room #10.

  The perpetual pink ramp

This map is thoroughly zoned, which helps you to find teammates in Team Deathmatch games - unless they are in the endless corridors!

Overview of the interior of the Evil Tardis

The only unresolved glitch in game play that Doctor Evil has noticed is that bots often get hung up on the various warp portals.

Good luck trying to keep any sense of direction inside this Evil Tardis!


If you have Unreal Tournament installed directly on a computer running Windows XP or earlier, then unzip the file (10.9 MB) to your UnrealTournament/ directory.
If you are running UT from Steam in Windows 7, then unzip to
/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/unreal tournament/ .
The files should then unzip into the correct locations.

The zip file contains

  •   DM-EvilTardis3.unr   (the map)
  •   blank.umx   (a custom silent music file)
  •   cf_mansion.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   CoreTex.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   Crusader.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   EvilDoctors.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   FRZ_Iceotope.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   Tardis2.utx   (a custom texture file)

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