CTFM-EvilCylinder Map for Unreal Tournament

Download the CTFM-EvilCylinder Zip File, (6.03 Mb)
View of all four flag bases

The four flag bases are equally spaced around the curved surface inside a giant cylinder.

The zip file contains

  •   CTFM-EvilCylinder.txt   (a standard help file)
  •   CTFM-EvilCylinder.unr   (the MultiCaptureTheFlag map)
  •   cf_mansion.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   CrokxFX.utx   (a custom texture file)
  •   Crusader.utx   (a custom texture file)

Note:   Maps that start with the prefix "CTFM-" require the MultiCTF mod in order to enable four-team play, with four flag bases (red, blue, green and gold).   A copy of the CTF4 and MultiCTF mods can be obtained from the Multilabs site, either by following the links at the Multilabs home page, or by going directly to their downloads page.   The relevant files are also available at FilePlanet, at ModSquad and at SOBServers.

Below is an extract from the plain text help file:

Unzip the file into your UnrealTournament/ directory. 
The files should then unzip into the correct locations:
- CTFM-EvilCylinder.unr  in the  UnrealTournament/Maps/  directory;
- cf_mansion.utx     in the  UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- CrokxFX.utx        in the  UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- Crusader.utx       in the  UnrealTournament/Textures/  directory;
- this CTFM-EvilCylinder.txt file in the  UnrealTournament/Help/ directory; 
- start the game and choose the level under the Multi Capture the Flag
  Game type.
*** NOTE:   if you do not have the various files for Multi Capture the
  Flag play, then you will need to download them from another site, 
  such as "www.planetunreal.com/multictf/" or "www.fileplanet.com".

Extended description:

Map Overview

The fastest route between flag bases is around the curved inner surface of the giant cylinder.   The gravity is quite low.

The bots much prefer the longer route through the back passages that lead to the lower sniper gallery and to the redeemer chamber.   Those passages are clearly colour coded and are also fully zoned.   There is also an elevator for each team to the upper sniper gallery on the opposite wall.   The upper sniper gallery provides a short cut from one quarter of the cylinder to another.

Each team has two spawn chambers.   One is fiercely protected by an efficient minigun autocannon, while the other is protected by a shock autocannon that fires only when hit by enemy fire.

Humans have a distinct advantage over all-bot teams in this map.

Note how the green flag base is hanging upsidedown directly over the red flag base, while the gold flag base hangs on the side wall of the giant cylinder.   The upper sniper gallery is a ring wrapped tightly around the invisible central axis.

Doctor Evil, about to score two flags.

The illusion is created through the massive abuse of warp portals.   Note that the fire from some weapons (enforcer, sniper rifle, shock rifle main fire, pulse rifle alt fire, etc.) won’t pass through a warp portal.

Enjoy the warped Evil geometry!

Download the CTFM-EvilCylinder Zip File, (6.03 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2006260.

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