CTF-TFC-EvilEEE Map for Unreal Tournament
and Nali City’s TFC (The Floorplan Challenge)

Download the CTF-TFC-EvilEEE Zip File, (0.47 Mb)
A view of the small E-shaped map                     Another view of the small E-shaped map

CTF-TFC-EvilEEE is Doctor Evil’s entry into the TFC (The Floorplan Challenge) at Nali City.

E is for Evil.
EEE is for Mini-Me’s only catchphrase.
EEE is also because the capital 'E' is visible in the views of the map in all three of the Unreal Editor 2D viewports (top, front and side).   [Click here to view a screenshot of the Unreal Editor, showing the 'E' shape of this map in all three cross-sections.   The size of the image is 984 × 641 pixels and 57 kb.]

This is a small asymmetric CTF map, created from scratch in one evening (2006 December 6).
The red base is on the top floor.
The blue base is on the middle floor, with a longer path back to the flag.
The bottom floor is connected by warp portals to the top floor.
Each floor has a balcony or gallery.

Anyone grabbing the blue flag has to jump down to the bottom floor and use the portal to get back to the red flag base on the top floor.   Bots do use the portal, but will sometimes get stuck inside it, due to the 180 degree reversal of direction.

Anyone grabbing the red flag has to jump down to the middle floor to get back to the blue flag base.

A fall from the top floor all the way to the bottom is fatal unless the bot is wearing jump boots at the time.

Because this map was created by an Ancient Evil, only the "Ancient" texture package was used to decorate this Evil map;-)

The usual stuff for these help files follows:


Title                  :CTF-TFC-EvilEEE
Version                :1.0
Release Date           :2006-12-07
Filename               :CTF-TFC-EvilEEE.zip
Author                 :Doctor Evil
Email Address          :doctor@evilut.com
Web Page               :http://www.evilut.com/
Description            :Capture the flag in a three-way giant 'E'
Where to get this map  :If you're reading this, then you probably 
                        know where by now (;-) 
Other levels by author :DM-EvilCathedral, DM-EvilDoorsSky,DM-EvilHex,  
                        DM-Escher, DM-Giger, CTF-Escher, DOM-EvilDoors,
                        CTF-EvilHex, CTFM-7Hexagons, CTFM-EvilXmas,
                        CTFM-HallOfGiants-II, CTFM-EvilLiftsV2, 
                        CTFM-EvilTempleV2 and many more.
Additional Credits to  :-Epic Megagames
                        -Whoever designed the Unreal Editor 
                         and all those nice textures and music. 
                        -Various authors of web tutorials for 
                         the Unreal Editor.

--- Play Information ---
Game                   :Unreal Tournament
Level Name             :CTF-TFC-EvilEEE
Single Player          :Yes, botmatch.
Cooperative            :Two teams each of 3 or 4 seem to work best.
Deathmatch             :No 
Dark Match             :No
Difficulty Settings    :No
New Sounds             :No (The "Watcher" music track is used)
New Graphics           :No 
NewUnrealScript        :No
External DLLs          :No
Known bugs             :warp portal [as noted above]

--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used         :UnrealEd2.0
Base                   :New Level
Construction Time      :4 hours total. 

Unzip the file into your UnrealTournament/ directory. 
The files should then unzip into the correct locations:
- CTF-TFC-EvilEEE.unr  in the  UnrealTournament/Maps/   directory;
- Watcher.umx          in the  UnrealTournament/Music/  directory;
- this CTF-TFC-EvilEEE.txt file in the  UnrealTournament/Help/ directory; 
- EvilEEE0.jpg, EvilEEE1.jpg and EvilEEE2.jpg (the screenshots) 
  in the  UnrealTournament/Help/ directory;
- start the game and choose the level under the Capture the Flag
  Game type.
Download the CTF-TFC-EvilEEE Zip File, (0.47 Mb)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2006341.

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