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Intersecting ramps at the centre

CTFM-HallofGiants-II is a conversion of Morphias’ CTF-HallofGiants-II to the four-team MultiCTF format.   Morphias’ version, in turn, is a variation on the Eekels classic CTF-HallofGiants map, but with the flag bases placed way up high, near the roof of the giant hall.

In this version, a copy of the Hall intersects the original at right angles across the centre, to provide a cross-shaped Hall.   All the ramps are the same, except where they meet at the centre.   The former redeemer ridge is now a large square return platform from the four flag bases, armed with two redeemers at opposite corners.

The view from the ceiling
 to the floor, a *long* way down

The low gravity has been increased slightly, from 200 to 220.   (Standard gravity is 950).   Bots can still leap from the floor onto the top of the horizontal zoom tubes, but a drop from a flagbase onto the return platform is no longer survivable, even with full armour and health.   However, a drop from a flag base directly onto the exit from a zoom tube is survivable with no loss of health, if your aim is very, very good!

Four zoom tubes

Unlike previous versions of the Hall, this map is zoned extensively.   However, the zoning uses "Keypoint>locationID"s rather than zone portals, (thereby avoiding the dreaded "Hall of Mirrors" - HOM effect).   This allows the “One Flag Mode” option to work with less frustration for human players, who can also know where a flag in transit is.   In a team game "F1" may reveal the locations of all teammates.   To help you to know which way is home, the four arms of the Hall are colour-coded extensively.

All music, sounds and textures should be standard.

Intersecting ramps at the centre
A red bot comes home with the green flag


The bots do get stuck sometimes, especially where ramps intersect at the keg of health, one level up from the floor.   Resolving the ramp intersections was a messy business, but this map does seem to work!

I have noticed no bad HOMs yet, but the walls do flicker sometimes.   I suspect that this map is as large as UT can handle.   One potential HOM is on the underside of the red base and is harmless.   I am not aware of any other problems.

Download the CTFM-HallOfGiants2 Zip File, (0.95 Mb)

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